If you signed up for private lessons online, your lessons will begin the first week of next month. So, for example, if you signed up on March 17th for Tuesday at 3:30, your first lesson will be the first Tuesday of April.

If you'd like to begin your lessons sooner than that date, simply call our store and you will be charged for the extra lessons you'd like to purchase.

Learning to play is not easy. Not having a good instrument makes it impossible to learn to play. You must practice every day on a good instrument.
Yes. Playing your instrument every day, even for a short period, will have a huge impact on your progress and achievement. Set aside time to review your work from your lessons throughout the week and your success and satisfaction will accelerate greatly.
Please fill out a lesson cancellation form in person in order to quit lessons and cancel future auto-payments. 30 days notice is required to ensure payments are canceled.
All lesson payments are processed on the 15th of the month for the following month. For example, a payment on August 15 will cover all of your lessons for the month of September.
When you first enroll you agreed to a commitment period, usually three or four months. At the end of your commitment period you will become a month to month student. Unless you quit (in writing) nothing will change in terms of your lessons and payments will continue to be withdrawn.
No. Holidays observed by the studio, which you will be notified of via text or email, are not eligible for make-ups.
Give your teacher a 30 day advance notice in writing of the days you intend to miss and your teacher will allow you to schedule a make-up lesson for the missed day(s).
You may request a make-up lesson from your teacher if you give your teacher a 30 day advance notice of your absence. Speak directly with your teacher regarding make-ups. If you schedule a make-up and miss it for whatever reason, you will forfeit that make-up lesson and no others will be scheduled.
Last minute cancellations happen. We ask that you phone us to let us know that you will not be coming to your lesson. Make-up lessons are not given for last minute cancellations.