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Instrument Repair


We not only repair pianos, but band instruments as well! Free quotes with video review are given for instrument repair inquiries. All you need is to bring in the instrument in question. Instrument repair is currently limited to: pad replacement, cork replacement, key replacement, key adjustment, sticky key cleaning, key oiling, cleaning including tarnish removal, sanitization, string replacement for strummed and bowed string instruments, bridge fitting, setting and replacement, and preventative maintenance.





For All Woodwinds

Always thoroughly dry out the instrument before putting it away in the case. Pads are sensitive to moisture and will need replacement much sooner if not cared for in this way. We sell pad savers that are inserted into the instrument when it is put away in the case, which wick away moisture and keep the instrument extra dry. Always put the instrument back in its case in the proper spots. Never leave the case in the car when the weather is very hot. Avoid excess humidity when playing or storing the instrument, especially with wooden instruments. This causes the wood to swell, potentially damaging much of the instrument if such swelling happens often.


For Flutes and Piccolos

For flutes and piccolos the most important thing is to keep the inside dry after playing. Swabbing out excess moisture and putting in pad savers when storing the instrument in its case is the best way to keep the instrument's pads healthy and last long.


For Clarinets and Saxophones

ALWAYS take the reed off your mouthpiece when done playing. Leaving the reed on will keep it moist and encourage mold growth which not only deteriorates the reed faster, but also can potentially make the player sick. Cork grease is a must especially on clarinets. Not putting sufficient or any cork grease will wear the cork down faster and possible cause it to come off the joint.


For Oboes and Bassoons

Always make sure your reed is dry before putting it away in the case. Double reeds mold much faster than single reeds and often times it goes unnoticed until it is too late. Special reed cases may be purchased to help keep the reeds dry while stored away. If you are keeping a reed in its original plastic container, insert a cotton ball or wrap the reed in a piece of paper towel to keep it dry. Like clarinets and saxophones, always keep the corked joints lubricated with cork grease. Some bassoons come with string on the joints insetad of cork and therefore do not need to have cork grease on them.


For All Brass Instruments

Brass instruments have metal parts that rub against each other. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they be properly greased with slide or valve oil. Trombones will need to be greased with slide oil just about every time they are played since the slide is exposed unlike other brass instruments. Trumpets, euphoniums, french horns, and tubas will need valve oil every time you practice or rehearse if you are playing a lot. Other than that, every two or three days. A good rule of thumb is to apply valve oil for every 2 hours you play. Synthetic oil as opposed to natural oil seems to last longer also but is generally more expensive. Wiping down your slide or valve with a lint free cloth once a month is important for regular maintenance as well as it removes any build up or gunk that could potentially cause faster wear and tear.


For All Stringed Instruments

Stringed instruemnts are made from thin pieces of wood that are very sensitive to water and humidity in the air. If you live in a high humidity area or are going to travel to one with your instrument, case dehumidifiers can be installed that will keep your instrument safe from moisture. If you are unsure of how to tune your instrument it is always better to ask your teacher or other musician who knows. Many a string has been broken from improper tuning techniques on stringed instruments.


For Violins and Violas and Cellos

Strings and restringing services available.


For Guitars, Mandolins, and Ukeleles

Guitars, ukuleles and other fretted instruments need to have their strings replaced after periods of use, sometimes just a few weeks with intensive playing to several months with only occasional playing. We offer a selection of strings as well as restringing services. We also offer strap button installation when needed.




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