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It is impossible to over-state the importance of music in our lives. The appreciation of music is rewarding in itself but actually learning an instrument and discovering the mechanics that make a good song has a lasting and fulfilling impact on everyone's life.

Langlois Music is proud to offer students of all ages the opportunity to study with some of the finest musicians in the Modesto area. With decades of combined experience in performance and education, our teaching staff can help you master any instrument in any style.

Our lovely lesson studios offer an inviting and distraction free space to hone your skills and our teaching staff is happy to teach instruments, music theory, jazz improvisation, songwriting, recording technology, composition and scoring, and just about any other music related topic.

For a full list of our teaching staff as well as their bios and what they teach, be sure to visit the Lessons page. Once there you can find the teacher that best suits your needs and request a booking right from their bio.

Not sure what you're looking for in a lesson? Then come down to our shop or drop us an EMAIL so that we can match you with someone who will help you grow as a musician.

It's never too late to learn to play a new instrument and we offer lessons throughout the day at times that are convenient for you so don't put off your dream of being a rock star or symphonic composer or jazz prodigy any longer! Book your lessons today!

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