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Piano Tuning, Moving, and Repair


We offer high-quality piano tuning and repair for your home, school, or church. The Langlois Family tradition of piano tuning and repair spans 4 generations. Our highly experienced and professional technicians will make sure your piano is tuned accurately and will let you know of any repairs that may need to be done. Mileage fees apply only outside of Modesto. Please call to schedule a service for your piano.

Piano Tuning or repair: 209-524-1355 - Langlois Music 

Piano Movers

Local Area Movers:

209-524-6349 - Nixon Piano Movers

209-200-6455 - Royal Piano Movers

Nation Wide Movers:

574-674-6139 - Walter Piano Transport

NOTICE: Nixon Piano Movers, Royal Piano Movers and Walter Piano Transport are not a part of Langlois Music Company, Inc., and as such we are not responsible nor liable for any policy, procedures or conduct of the above companies. The above information is given only as a courtesy.

Band and String Instrument Repairs


We not only repair pianos, but band and string instruments as well! Quotes are given for instrument repair inquiries. All you need to do is bring in the instrument in question.

We Buy Used Instruments


Looking to sell an old instrument that's just collecting dust and fading memories? Complete our "Sell Your Items Form".

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