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We carry producer microphones, both USB and XLR connections. Microphone stands, cables and cable adapters.

Metronomes and Tuners

We carry chromatic, guitar, and ukelele tuners from Boss, Matrix, Snark and Korg and metronomes from Korg, Matrix, Seiko, and Qwik Time. We also have metronome-tuner all in ones as well as traditional Wittner acoustic metronomes (pictured).

MIDI Controllers

We have MIDI controllers of various sizes and price ranges. Combo packs with a MIDI controller, microphone, headphones, and audio controller also available.

Audio Controllers

We carry a few different audio controllers of different sizes and inputs/outputs amounts.

Amps and Speakers

We have amps and speakers available, mostly of a smaller scale for guitar, ukelele and other stringed instruments.

Cables and Connectors

We have cables and cable adapters for XLR, USB, MIDI, 3.5 mm audio, and 1/4 inch audio inputs/outputs.

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