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Our History

Langlois Music has been family owned and aperated for four generations and has served the community for over 100 years.

Paschal Langlois was the first of the Langlois family to make a business out of piano tuning. His son, Xion, would follow in the same trade until his death in 1982 at the age of 84.

Xion's song, Edmond, took the Langlois Music brand to the next level when he opened a piano shop in 1967, operating out of a small rented garage in Modesto. Edmond worked tirelessly to build a thriving piano tuning and repair business which had expanded to various locations in Modesto.

In 1981, Edmond's sons, Gregory and Phillip, opened a retail outlet for new and used pianos which complimented the long established piano tuning and repair business. Two years later, in 1983, a sheet music department was added to the retail store and 1989 saw the addition of a karaoke department.

Edmond Langlois passed away in 1993 and left the daily operations and management of the company to his wife, Audry, and son Philip.

Three years after his death, on May 16, 1996, Langlois Music Company was completely destroyed by a fire. All of the pianos, sheet music, and karaoke products were lost and a complete rebuild was needed.

Less than a year later, Langlois returned to serve Modesto and has since expanded to sell virtually any instrument a musician could need as well as offering private instruction with some of the finest musicians in the Modesto area.

Langlois Music is dedicated to serving the Modesto region with the best music products and service possible.

Whether you're looking to buy a piano, take ukulele lessons, rent a saxophone, or learn how to write a song, the staff at Langlois Music will be happy to help you.

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